Dystopian Roleplay

Mature and Creative Roleplay

Our clan was founded January 2018 by Kommandant Jut & Director Zr970. Kommandant Jut has over seven years of server management experience. Director Zr970 has over nine years of server management experience. The clan was founded as a place that mature players can express their creativity and community cooperation while enjoying a quality roleplay experience, and though we rebranded from Yankee Task Force to Dystopian Roleplay the sentiment remains. We forward twenty-five percent of all profits directly to charity.

Heroic Helix Update

We have updated our old DarkRP server and moved it onto the far more advanced and lightweight Helix framework. There are a number of unique additions, as well as handcrafted integrations for our key addons.

Recruitment Rewards

We are currently offering rewards for those who refer friends to the server. If they continue to play on the server for at least one week, you will be granted a promotion within the Outer Party or to an Inner Party Bureaucrat!

The Times

The Times is our new official roleplay newspaper crafted by the Minister of Truth. Within, you will find information about roleplay events, milestones, and even the prole of the week. If you would like to suggest an edit, click the link below.

Server Rules

Familiarize yourself with our server rules, policies, and guidelines. Remember that each server is different in how they handle certain aspects.

Community Center

The INGSOC Community Center is finally online and built for maximum prole enjoyment! All activities are devoted to the importance of Big Brother.


The seat of Great Leader is elected every three months on the 15th, and has the power to appoint four ministers that control different aspects of the roleplaying experience.